Book a space at the workplace, pay for street parking in the city, and manage charging point at home.

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All your parkings in one app

Short-term parking for eParking customers
The service fee 0,39 € / Parking
Electric or hybrid car charging
from0,12 € / kWh

Car charging

Our products include functional solutions for remote control of heating, slow and fast charging and measurement of electricity consumption. With over 10 years of experience, you can rely on us for building sustainable parking service for electrical vehicles.

Utilizing data to create better user experience

By compiling information for decision-making, it improves user experience, return on invested capital and makes better use of existing infrastructure. Real-time user-specific measurement of electricity consumption allows billing according to consumption, network load measurement and electricity limitations.

Would eParking be suitable for your parking area?

With the help of eParking, it is possible to make parking easier for everyone. Client rents and pays parking space online, and adds additional electricity options for his/her electrical vehicle. The parking manager can conveniently see the overall picture of all parking spaces and adjust options depending on demand.

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